Time To Give Back

I’m not entirely sure if having some extra time on my hands is helpful because I tend to overthink. Admittedly, the past few weeks at work were more relaxed than the usual, leading me to evaluate where I am exactly in my life — especially professionally.

Make no mistake about it. I love my job. I wouldn’t have been in the public relations industry for more than four years if I thought it sucked. But I’m starting to feel that I want to channel my experience and expertise in this field in a way that contributes more to the nation rather than just a wealthy few.

The accounts I’m handling now do have impacts on the public sphere, yes. One is in transportation and the other is in infrastructure. But I want work wherein I can directly deal with issues and problems of this nation so it can be better (yes, despite us being a land of bad drivers and people with a twisted sense of good manners).

The recent wave of posts from UP graduates also perhaps influenced this new way of thinking. Now that I’ve been working for six years, I look back at my journey and ask, “What have I really accomplished?”

I may have attained a certain level of success based on money and a few accolades which I proudly share with my colleagues, but on a deeper level, have I at least, in some way, made this country better?

And so the past few weeks, with more time on my hands, have been about thinking, planning, weighing options, and coming up with long term goals. There are limitations at this point which will inhibit me from making a big leap, but at least the plan to go back to school for a masters degree is already in place.

If at all, the next few months (and even years!) will be incredibly interesting. I just hope that all these will culminate in a future where I can contribute more not just for my and my family’s growth, but to my countrymen’s as well.


The Japan Diaries: Osaka Day 2

Day Two of the trip, we broke into groups and explored the city as we pleased. Six of us girls decided to visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, located in the outskirts of Osaka. It was a fantastic experience and a humbling one too, knowing the vast wonder that’s out there in the ocean. We saw penguins, stingrays, seals, and all sorts of fish but my favorite part has got to be the jellyfish area. 🙂

After a yum lunch in this nondescript restaurant, we headed to Dotonbori to shop, shop, shop! Our first stop was Orange Street which was the epitome of Jap hip. On the expensive side though!

I didn’t chronicle much of the shopping but went loco documenting our grand time in Hana Sake and Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M. WAGYU BEEF OVERLOAD!!! By far, that has got to be the best (and most expensive) meal of my life and it was every bit DELICIOUS. Heaven in the mouth, I tell you.

This day proved Osaka’s real stake as a tourist destination — it’s more laidback than Tokyo (as those who have visited say) but it certainly doesn’t hold back on the retail and dining offers. If I had been less careless about cash, I would’ve grabbed everything in Dotonbori. Haha! From sneakers, bags, to food! Shopping and dining haven INDEED.

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The Japan Diaries: Osaka Day 1

Green Bulb PR’s 2016 Getaway happened last November in Japan. Dubbed #MatchAwaitedVacay, it was a time for every one to take that much-needed break after a megasuperultra hectic year. It was definitely one for the books, as we shopped, ate, and relaxed for almost four solid days in Kyoto and Osaka.

It’s been two months I know, but hey, better late than never, right? In a series of posts, I’ll be sharing some bits from our trip. Photo galore, here we go! 🙂

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2016 Indies

2016 was a year for independent movies. At least for me. Last year, I watched more Filipino independent films than ever in my life and enjoyed all of them. I’m glad that local indie cinema has achieved leaps and bounds since that time in 2006, when the concept of indie movies was so new, that my friend and I practically had the theater to ourselves during a screening of Tulad Ng Dati.

Now, Filipino independent film festivals are done regularly, and people are actually flocking to cinemas to support them. Best proof of this is the recent 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, which thankfully, put indie films in the spotlight.

I also had the joy of discovering Cinema 76, a small theater in San Juan that screens indies all year round.

My indie film fan girl’s heart is very happy.

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One of the highlights of this year would have to be JV and I’s first travel experience together — in the Island Garden City of Samal in Davao.

We were talking about this trip recently and we both agreed that it had been such an enriching relationship feat — planning and going on a trip together proved to be both fun and revealing. 🙂

For one, we had to decide if we will push through with the said trip given that the Davao City bombing happened just a week prior. We also had to plan all the logistics for our four-day stay in Samal (we did not spend much time in Davao City anymore, for safety reasons) plus that lingering thought on whether we can stomach each other’s presence for a couple of days. Haha.

The result was a crazy fun trip which was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve had in a while.

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Art, City Thrills

Favorite Spot: Pinto Art Museum

The first time I saw friends in Facebook and Instagram visiting this museum, I knew I had to go too. For one, I love museums (I had such great times in BenCab in Baguio, Ayala in Makati, and the National Museum in Manila), and this museum’s architecture and atmosphere just enticed me.

And the wonderful thing about Pinto Art Museum is that you feel you are taken to a totally different locale, when in fact, it’s just inside a subdivision in Antipolo (I envy my Sorority batchmate who lives next door!).

My first time in Pinto was with my boyfriend JV, a few weeks before we became official. Haha. Pinto was a memorable place for both of us and the lush gardens coupled with the Spanish-inspired architecture made for a lovely, lovely visit that I still fondly look back to, to this day. 🙂

I was able to visit Pinto again more recently, this time with my dad’s side of the family. Nothing much changed in the place. But the experience seemed totally new even if it was already my second time to visit.

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