Found a new home.

After almost five years in Tumblr (mixing my personal posts with a lot of reblogs), I’ve finally decided to move to WordPress. Deeming it another step towards maturity (ha-ha), I’m hoping to post regularly here, or at least post more sensible things apart from feelings since this is considered an avenue for “more serious” blogging.

I’ve been asked what I plan to put here, and while I’m yet to make a solid identity for this blog, I figured that I explore Manila a lot, so why not write about it? Not the most unique pitch in the world, I know, but it’s a topic I feel passionate about.

I’m also going to throw in some thoughts on my journey as a millennial, hoping that there are other souls out there who think and feel the same. To be in your mid-twenties while still trying to figure out a lot of things is pretty darn hard, but being able to put down all the confusion into words can be comforting.

This won’t be a lifestyle or travel blog or whatever… but a personal one. So prepare to be enthralled/bored (depends on you) with my life here in Manila and all the things that go with it.



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