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The Body is the Battleground

January has been a fulfilling month, especially physically, since I was able to exercise almost every weekend and squeeze in mini workouts over the workdays. Truth is, I’ve wanted to be more fit for the longest time. I’d go crazy jealous whenever I see toned arms, abs, and glutes in photos (especially on Instagram). I’ve also wanted to eat healthier and do away with the excessive salt and sweets that have pervaded my system.

Last month, I was able to go back to Electric Studio for another uplifting spin class, play badminton again after 10 years, try Crossfit Bootcamp, and climb my first mountain for 2016. And guess what? I finally joined a gym!

When I tell people that I want to do more exercise, the first comment usually is that I’m not exactly fat and don’t need it.

Come on folks, exercise isn’t just about losing weight.

I want to be stronger and be able to do more physical activities with ease. For one, my sense of balance is so poor, it takes twice the time for me to descend the slopes of a mountain compared to my peers. When we did box jumps in Crossfit, I wanted the earth to swallow me right there because my form was so bad and I could not even do 5 reps properly! I was already so tired.

So there, thin doesn’t mean fit.

And so the fitness journey begins. Now, I’m really trying to eat healthy (I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep at it though), choosing green lunches and healthier snacks over salty chips and my favorite sweets. Starbucks is now out of the equation after I got hold of the planner (haha) and I am now thinking of what meals to cook and how especially since we’re moving to our new office where there will be no convenience store, fast food, or cheap resto to eat in.

I remember what the trainer in Anytime Fitness told me during my first session last Sunday — if other people can do it, why can’t you? There was a 16-year-old who was able to do 108 push ups in one of the other branches and while I ain’t gunning for that much, I think I can at least imbibe her determination and drive to accomplish a great thing.

I also liked the trainer’s insight on progress — how we shouldn’t measure progress by what we see in the mirror but rather, by how we feel when we do the workouts. Let me share with you this inspiring pin I have in my “Body Battleground” Pinterest board:


It will take a lot of willpower for me to consistently pursue my goal to have a smackin hot and healthier body this year (HAHA) but I WILL TRY!



2 thoughts on “The Body is the Battleground

  1. Thehungryballer says:

    Ha ha, exactly ! thin is not healthy. And in some cases, a little fat in the body is not unhealthy too ! It’s just the way our body feels 24/7.
    I’m also trying to recreate or reinvent or rediscover (whatever) myself this year and I’m aiming to push the limitations really far.
    All the best for your goals, and thanks for posting this. 🙂
    P.S. The quote is super-motivating !


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