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This is Insanity!

They say that the country loses billions of money due to the horrendous traffic every single day.

I say we lose our decency and sanity.

I’ve been driving to and from work everyday for almost a year now, and I can attest to just how much the whole Metro Manila traffic situation has made me an impatient, unkind person.

How can you stay nice when people cut to your lane even when you are rightfully there and they’re coming in from a lane that was supposed to go another way? Just last Friday, I almost raised my middle finger to this jerk in Katipunan who almost hit my car by aggressively trying to squeeze himself into my lane — a lane that is rightfully mine — which is going towards Marcos Highway. Note that this ass is coming from the lane that is supposed to go up the Katipunan flyover to Libis. And he was even the one who had the guts to point his effing finger at me! Good gracious!

This whole traffic mess has made jerks and asses out of Filipinos and even make women like me want to go out of cars and give a punch smack into the noses of all these other drivers (especially buses who drop passengers off in the middle of super busy roads like Commonwealth) who cause even more problems with their arrogance and stupidity.

The quality of life here in Manila has decreased immensely because of this traffic brouhaha. For instance, after going through an hour in the short stretch of Amang Rodriguez in Pasig (and almost two hours of travel in total from Fairview to Eastwood), I already feel tired and frustrated. And work hasn’t even started!!! For context, that’s less than three kilometers that I have to go through for such a looooooong time. If I had walked, I’d already be in my destination in about 15 minutes.

Indeed, fuck the traffic.

There was even a point when I hated Fairview so much not only because it is far from all the central places in the metropolis (Ortigas, Makati, BGC), but also because the traffic going in and out of it is so FREAKING BAD. On weekends (when you expect traffic to be more forgiving), it takes me 20 minutes to go past the notorious Fairview Center Mall stoplight alone. On weeknights, when all I want to do is just lie in bed after a long, stressful day at work, I still have to battle the famed Wilcon-Regalado traffic which can take about 30-45 minutes.


And this is all coming from me, a driver who is seated comfortably in an airconditioned vehicle (although driving a manual in this city sucks also). But imagine how it is for those who have to brave the everyday commute! When traffic gets stuck, there are no buses, FX, jeepneys, and cabs to ply the routes and bring people home. So what happens is that people end up waiting for a really looooong time when instead, they could spend the extra hours on a work day working on a hobby or being with loved ones.

You see, this traffic situation is not just an issue of whether we arrive to our destinations on time. It has affected Filipinos’ quality of life, especially those who have to suffer through and endure its negative effects every single day.

Special powers are currently being processed in both houses of the Philippine Congress so the Department of Transportation can immediately implement improvements; but during an interview with Senator Grace Poe last week in the Failon Ngayon radio show, it seems that the agency has not even thought of feasible plans that can help alleviate Manila’s traffic situation in the easiest, quickest way possible. They’re asking for special powers but they are all still headless chickens who don’t know what to do about this humongous problem that continues to hound us.

Given that the impending construction of MRT7 will commence soon (a project that will most likely make people want to exodus the hell out of Fairview), I am already set on living closer to work; because a few more months of this whole Manila traffic mess is going to make me CRAZYYYYYY.

God knows how much I love this city but goodness, Manila. Your traffic needs A LOT of work – AS SOON AS FREAKING POSSIBLE!


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