I love my job. And I hate it like hell too.

This is me writing at 10:40 in the evening here in the office. I’m supposed to be out by 6PM but the influx of work lately has been causing me to work until 10, 11 at night.

Working in PR has been the most fulfilling in my five years as a professional. Events was exciting but not too challenging, and retail, well, that was pretty damn boring.

Here in PR, I get to wear different hats — writer, strategist, client servicing expert, among many others. Every day is different. Some days I’m just in the office to answer calls and emails, while some days I’m out and about for straight meetings or press events.

I love that this job goes with a lot of my interests — putting together words to tell stories, speaking to various people with different personalities, learning about new, sometimes complex things, and many more. I get to be problem solver and storyteller, and Superwoman even.

But while I can think of so many more reasons why I love PR, I can also think of a lot of reasons why I hate it.

The long hours are TIRING¬†and dealing with clients can be toxic and emotionally draining. In a field such as this that deals with client servicing, and being at the “bottom of the food chain”, there are a lot of intolerable things you have to tolerate and a lot of bullshit that you have to put up with.

And now that I’m near my breaking point, I’m starting to think,¬†Why am I even here in the first place? I’m better off somewhere else, better off studying, better off teaching, or probably just better off anywhere where I don’t have to fulfill inconsiderate and impossible whims.

But then again, when you love something, you don’t just love the good parts of it. You love all of it. Or you hate it just as much as you love it. Either way, you go back to the reason why you love it in the first place, and continue to find reasons to stay, stick, and fight it out.

I am tired, but I am not giving up. This is just a temporary hitch. And so I shall put my feet up and let it all be. Give myself time to recover and breathe.


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