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Favorite Spot: Pinto Art Museum

The first time I saw friends in Facebook and Instagram visiting this museum, I knew I had to go too. For one, I love museums (I had such great times in BenCab in Baguio, Ayala in Makati, and the National Museum in Manila), and this museum’s architecture and atmosphere just enticed me.

And the wonderful thing about Pinto Art Museum is that you feel you are taken to a totally different locale, when in fact, it’s just inside a subdivision in Antipolo (I envy my Sorority batchmate who lives next door!).

My first time in Pinto was with my boyfriend JV, a few weeks before we became official. Haha. Pinto was a memorable place for both of us and the lush gardens coupled with the Spanish-inspired architecture made for a lovely, lovely visit that I still fondly look back to, to this day. 🙂

I was able to visit Pinto again more recently, this time with my dad’s side of the family. Nothing much changed in the place. But the experience seemed totally new even if it was already my second time to visit.

While it drizzled on that Sunday we came to Pinto, the rains did not spoil any of the beauty of this art-filled destination. I wouldn’t mind going back a third time, to be honest, because there’s just so much to take in and see that our two hours here weren’t enough to explore all of Pinto’s beauty.

The bonus? I caught a stray cat sleeping on one of the modulars used for the exhibits. It was so adorable and funny that I had to take a couple of shots (along with the other visitors).

If you’re reading this and haven’t visited, then I suggest you drive or find your way to Antipolo now. Come in the morning when there aren’t too many people yet, and revel in the works of talented Filipino artists in this art haven.














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