20 lbs heavier, x times wiser: this is me at 27

Several years back, I measured the happiness of my birthdays based on the number of people who greet me thru Facebook or text messages and by tagged posts (comprised of an old photo and some cheesy caption) from friends.

Ah, to be young.

Now, as I enter my 27th year in this cosmos, birthdays are no longer a big deal, even more so greetings. I’m working today in fact, and worried over a client’s impending public listing and a new campaign we’re developing.

Birthdays now have become rare opportunities to take a step back and see what and who really matters. It’s that one time of the year to feel truly loved and blessed, even just by a small number of people who’ve been there through all the shitstorms and even when I have become a disappointment.

So I take this opportunity to thank the people in my life who I realized are the ones for the long haul: people who remember, who care, and who love me despite and inspite many things.

26 has been a big eye-opener for me. It was a very painful year. Quarter life crisis is real, folks — and I had a crazy roller coaster ride in 2016. My relationships got strained, there were times when I didn’t want to see anyone, and I took the pressure from work like hell. It was bad.

I gained a lot of weight and I felt as if the best years of my life were drifting by as each day passed. I felt fucked for not having the time, for not having the balls, and for continuing to push away the people who truly love me.

It took a while to get back, regain my groove, and feel alright again. It was a struggle, but one that I survived because I did not give up and because of the people who did not give up on me.

If there was anything I learned in the past year, it’s that no situation is too bad that you can’t recover from. And with will, grit, and love from people, there is always hope.

People I talk to a lot would often hear me say, “Tomorrow is another day.” It’s a line I picked up from one of my favorite films, Gone with the Wind, and one that holds true to everything I have experienced.

There’s always a chance to do things right and to make things right by the people you have wronged. It may take time but the opportunity is always there; you just have to seize it.

So as I turn another page, I just want to say that I am thankful for the people who gave me another chance and for the Guy Up There who continues to give me reasons to keep fighting and trying to be good.

I’m excited about turning 27. I may have lost my early 20s shape and metabolism and have started forming wrinkles around my eyes, but all is good. There is something about aging that I welcome and I embrace.

And now, as I work towards losing a bit of weight and keeping myself looking young as long as I can, I will continue to try to become a better person. Depth shall be the goal and shall be achieved with interactions, actions, and new experiences.

So here’s to churning out more great work, going back to school, and nourishing worthy relationships. I know it’s going to be tougher from here on out, but the resolve to love and persevere shall be greater more than anything.

To a dear friend who once wrote me “The best is yet to come” on my birthday, I believed you and I believe you still.

Cheers to being a year older.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

My yum cake from the family! 🙂


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