Time To Give Back

I’m not entirely sure if having some extra time on my hands is helpful because I tend to overthink. Admittedly, the past few weeks at work were more relaxed than the usual, leading me to evaluate where I am exactly in my life — especially professionally.

Make no mistake about it. I love my job. I wouldn’t have been in the public relations industry for more than four years if I thought it sucked. But I’m starting to feel that I want to channel my experience and expertise in this field in a way that contributes more to the nation rather than just a wealthy few.

The accounts I’m handling now do have impacts on the public sphere, yes. One is in transportation and the other is in infrastructure. But I want work wherein I can directly deal with issues and problems of this nation so it can be better (yes, despite us being a land of bad drivers and people with a twisted sense of good manners).

The recent wave of posts from UP graduates also perhaps influenced this new way of thinking. Now that I’ve been working for six years, I look back at my journey and ask, “What have I really accomplished?”

I may have attained a certain level of success based on money and a few accolades which I proudly share with my colleagues, but on a deeper level, have I at least, in some way, made this country better?

And so the past few weeks, with more time on my hands, have been about thinking, planning, weighing options, and coming up with long term goals. There are limitations at this point which will inhibit me from making a big leap, but at least the plan to go back to school for a masters degree is already in place.

If at all, the next few months (and even years!) will be incredibly interesting. I just hope that all these will culminate in a future where I can contribute more not just for my and my family’s growth, but to my countrymen’s as well.


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