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Favorite Spot: Pinto Art Museum

The first time I saw friends in Facebook and Instagram visiting this museum, I knew I had to go too. For one, I love museums (I had such great times in BenCab in Baguio, Ayala in Makati, and the National Museum in Manila), and this museum’s architecture and atmosphere just enticed me.

And the wonderful thing about Pinto Art Museum is that you feel you are taken to a totally different locale, when in fact, it’s just inside a subdivision in Antipolo (I envy my Sorority batchmate who lives next door!).

My first time in Pinto was with my boyfriend JV, a few weeks before we became official. Haha. Pinto was a memorable place for both of us and the lush gardens coupled with the Spanish-inspired architecture made for a lovely, lovely visit that I still fondly look back to, to this day. 🙂

I was able to visit Pinto again more recently, this time with my dad’s side of the family. Nothing much changed in the place. But the experience seemed totally new even if it was already my second time to visit.

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Music, Personal

Ah Love You, Adele

No other period in my life would be more apt for #Hugot than 2011. Fresh out of college and new to the real world (AKA work), it was the time when the culmination of my childhood love story happened. I finally had the guts to ask out the guy I’ve been crushing on for five years (because fuck it, nothing’s gonna happen if I just wait) and the entire thing spiraled down to heartbreak.

During that time when I was picking up the pieces of my broken heart (LOL) only one artist fully captured all my emotions. It was Adele.

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A lot of things don’t feel right, right now. I long for the days of past when life was simpler and there wasn’t much “adulting” to do. I want those days when I was not yet constantly ensnared by feelings of saudade (Portuguese for longing, melancholy, nostalgia) and everyday still seemed like an exciting adventure.

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City Thrills

Exploring Escolta

During its heyday, Escolta was not only the metro’s financial hub, it was also the center of all things hip and happening. I think of it as the grandfolks’ version of Makati or Bonifacio Global City. The Manila Stock Exchange stood proudly in the area, and the street was lined with stores that sold goods from the finest local merchants as well as those from abroad.

In the sixties, businesses transferred to Makati, causing Escolta’s decline. While it is now just a historic area that was once Manila’s crowning jewel in business and lifestyle, the street still has its own, unique charm. The Regina, El Hogar, Calvo, and First United buildings are still around, and the other buildings (albeit a bit rundown) give visitors a peek into the old world that once teemed with the bustle of Manila life.

One Saturday in April, my cousin Yedda and I decided to pay the once “Queen of Streets” a visit. Soaking up some history, we had a great time walking, taking snaps, and having some sort of food trip.

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